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Design and Image: Luiz Fernando Grabowsky

I watch a lot of television and I seem to always be able to find something on the tube that inspires me. Recently, a new Batman-inspired series premiered; it’s called “Gotham” and it has plenty of rich visual textures that translate surprisingly well to interior design options for those of us on this side of the screen.


The series starts off with the most important experience in young Bruce Wayne’s life: the brutal murder of his parents. This Gotham doesn’t pull any punches, and the decaying urban surroundings of that and many subsequent scenes in the show are filled to the brim with grime. Beneath the layers of graffiti and posters you’ll find brick, glass, and steel—the perfect elements for an urban interior such as the one shown here. Brick walls covered with graphic imagery helps bring this urban vibe into anyone’s home.


Go Gotham

Image: Corcoran Group Real Estate

One of the central characters of the new show is James Gordon. While we all know he eventually becomes Police Commissioner, at this point in his career he is a lowly homicide detective. But he still manages to live in a loft that includes a large clock face, such as the one shown here. If you don’t live in such a space, but love the look, I’ve seen it emulated using a large round hanging painted to look like a clock face.

Wayne Mansion

Go Gotham

Design and Image: 47ParkAvenue

Of course, the Wayne Mansion is another locale in the series, and it’s exactly as you might suspect: old and mansion-y. But some of the feelings of stateliness that emanate from that kind of space can be captured by using dark paint, fancy fixtures, taxidermy, and the ever-popular leather Chesterfield.

Police Chic

Go Gotham

Design: Robert Fleming and House of Honey; Image: Apartment Therapy 

The squad room at Gotham City Police Department is the final major setting I’ve taken inspiration from. While there are no fur throws to be found there, the force does use the kind of sturdy metal desks shown above. It adds a touch of Gotham at home.

What television shows do you turn to for interior design inspiration?

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