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Hello! Hope you all are having a wonderful week. My name is Claire Zinnecker and I am an interior designer and owner of Claire Zinnecker Design. I work on both commercial and residential projects, from ground up to remodels, I have seen it all! Let’s talk about something I am constantly asked for advice on: countertops! When designing a client’s kitchen (or even my own!), one of the biggest discussion points is the selection of countertop surfaces. Natural materials, such as marble and concrete, are appealing to the client but the need for practicality, durability and easy maintenance becomes a huge part of the decision. I think Caesarstone’s Pure White and their Fresh Concrete are both great ways to finish out a space.

(Here's a peek inside my kitchen with Pure White!)

Most of my clients really love the natural look but also want a surface that is low maintenance. Thankfully Caesarstone recognized these conflicting needs and decided to do something about it!

Caesarstone is constantly challenging the way we view “manufactured counters” by introducing new products that blur the lines between natural and manufactured. Their latest 4 products are an example of this.

My personal favorite is their Rugged Concrete. When I saw this at the Caesarstone show in Milan I fell in love! So many of my clients want concrete counters without the maintenance and Rugged Concrete is the perfect solution! The imperfections make this counter feel rugged yet refined. This is the first time quartz has captured the texture and color gradients of a natural material while still providing the easy maintenance of a Caesarstone product. I can’t wait to put this raw, organic yet luxurious material into a client’s home.

Montblanc is another new line that will make my job as a designer much easier. Caesarstone has used their refined technology to produce a product with veining that will stand up to any natural marble. The light gray base mixed with the varied darker veining throughout brings elegance and warmth into any style of kitchen or bathroom. The challenge of fake looking manufactured marble has been overcome and I am thrilled!

The last two new materials capture all the earthy texture we love in granite, but with the durability and easy care of Caesarstone products. Moorland Fog, with its graphic dark and light tones, is a versatile neutral that works well in both modern and traditional. The movement in this counter reminds me of water.

Turbine Grey is similar to Moorland but brings in the deeper grays. It complements a client’s home with its swirls of dark and light shading to give the effect of real granite. Paired with warm woods or a painted cabinet, either way this counter is a stunner.

Caesarstone has successfully bridged the gap between natural and manufactured counters with Rugged Concrete, Montblanc, Moorland Fog and Turbine Grey. The ability to the organic feel of a natural material with the ease and durability of a Caesarstone product has opened up an exciting new phase of the design world. Stay tuned to see these products start appearing in my client’s homes as soon as they are available!!

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Claire Marie Zinnecker is the founder of Claire Zinnecker Design, a boutique interior design group based in Austin, TX. Claire is a firm believer that every space tells a story. Her unique style paired with her passion for clean, affordable design has become her design aesthetic’s trademark. Claire holds a BS in Interior Design from the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Architecture. She has since worked with some of Austin’s prominent designers, completing residential and commercial projects including some of the most popular bars and restaurants in Austin. Claire founded Claire Zinnecker Design in 2013 in order to combine her passions for residential and commercial interiors with her love for designing and making furniture, lighting and accessories. And the rest is history.