Decorating with Blue and White

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Image: Because It's Awesome

Like many people, blue was my favorite color growing up. There’s just something about the color that’s soothing yet rich. It imitates some of my favorite earth features too like the ocean and the sky. Turns out, my childhood self wasn’t alone. According to a scientific study, over half of men and women in the US and Europe prefer the color blue. Based on this fact, it makes sense that people would want to decorate in their favorite color, right?

Aside from a preference for the color, blue also conjures up feelings of serenity and peace, which is often why it is a typical color choice in a home. The color can be used in a variety of rooms. When paired with white it creates the ultimate feeling of crispness. The following are some beautiful ways to use the two colors.

Blue and White Decorating
Images: (1) Katy Elliot, (2) Christine Chitnis, (3) Solo Thais, (4) The Peak of Chic

  1. Blue and white tiles, blue sofa, blue walls. This is perhaps one of my all time favorite spaces. All of these blues work well because they are not loud; they are muted down to almost a slate gray and ragged on to create a moody feel on the walls.
  2. Blue and white baskets. These baskets are a perfect storage solution on a bench or on shelves. They are beautiful enough to act as décor.
  3. Blue shag rug and a blue brick wall in a living room. The blues here work well together because they are balanced out with rich, warm woods.
  4. Romantic blue and white dining space. When different shades of blues are used, it evokes a lovely depth to a space. The floral wallpaper adds a light femininity to the room that is weighed down by the vases on the wall.

Blue and White Interiors
Images: (5) Zuniga Interiors, (6) Design Scouting, (7) Design Scouting, (8) Me and Alice

  1. Blue and white bedroom. Isn’t this bedroom beautiful? Indian textiles in florals and polka dots provide lovely blue and white patterns.
  2. Blue and white sofa. This sofa is highlighted by a bold colored red floral throw pillow.
  3. Blue and white stairs. These white wooden stairs are accented with beautiful blue stripes. It creates the illusion of a runner, while framing the hallway.
  4. Blue and white accents. This blue and white art piece is balanced by the blue and white of the vase and perfectly-folded textiles. It’s a sweet vignette that would be lovely for a hallway or entryway.

Blue and White Striped Table Cloth
Image: The Pink Pagoda

  1. Blue and white striped tablecloth. In a clean, white space, the blue adds visual interest and focus to the table. Yellow daffodils brighten up the space.

So, I don’t know about you, but all this blue and white makes me seriously reconsider my own interiors. What about you?

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