How To Create A Refreshing Bathroom Design

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Bathrooms are an extremely important space in our home. It’s a sanctuary for many of us! I know I love a good hot shower to get lost in and wash away all of the day’s troubles or vice versa, get charged up to tackle the day ahead. However, I find that this can only be accomplished in a well-designed space. A well-designed bathroom can install ease into your day to recharge and relax. There are a few key aspects to include in your bathroom to get you in the best mindset for your day to come or to help you wind down. Here are my favorite tips!

1. Your tile choice is important! A fun shape and color can quickly transform your space and make it all your own. I love light and clean colors in my space. I’m all about the calm feelings in the bathroom!

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2. Go for the walk-in shower and opt out the bath if you don’t have the space. However, if you have the space, include both! But separate them because the shower/bath combo needs to stay a thing of the past. I also love the doorless walk-in shower here. Just make sure your floor is properly tilted to direct the water to the drain and not elsewhere.

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3. Add a fun pop to your space with your lighting fixtures. I love the look of these drop lights! A fun light fixture will give your space the pizzazz it needs! More importantly, you’ll want as much good lighting you can get if this is the space you use to get ready (makeup, hair, etc). Even better if you have some natural light spilling in from a window!

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4. Find the perfect faucets, sinks, and shower heads for your space! Try to find something that replicates the shapes in your space. If you have lots of straight lines look for sleek, clean-lined styles. Vice versa if you have soft lines and curves. Also to keep your space cohesive, find faucets and showerheads that are or at least look like they’re from the same family.

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