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I was in college when I first took the personality test from The Color Code book by Taylor Hartman, Ph.D. As a college student who cared about exactly two things, 1. boys and 2. how to cut back on study time so that I could get out and socialize, I found the test to be surprisingly accurate as it dubbed me a very strong yellow personality.
I don’t believe there is an exact science of how one’s personality matches up with a specific type of interior, but I do think there are certain decorative and functional elements that, when utilized in a space, will allow each particular color personality to thrive and feel more at home.

Take the Test

Before we dive in, take your free color test here. The Color Code goes deeper than just analyzing our behaviors. Instead it analyzes what drives and motivates us at the core. In essence, it’s why we do the things we do.

Red Hot

Reds are motivated by power and it just so happens to be my secondary color, which has become much more prominent now than it was back in my college days. Reds like to take charge and make things happen and they’re able to do so because they are decisive, proactive, and productive. Reds want to hide their insecurities, they want to be leaders, and they’re always up for a challenge. Reds can also be arrogant, selfish and insensitive.

Red Personality
Photo: Victoria Hagan

Reds need interiors that help them hide their insecurities, which means their space should be clean, organized, and full of objects that make them feel important and remind them and others of how accomplished they are. A bookcase full of literature or a collection of interesting artwork and accessories can help do the trick.
Reds also need a space that keeps up with their bold and assertive personality. Incorporating strong architectural details such as moldings and detailed wood paneling can also have a positive impact.

White Is Alright

Whites are motivated by peace. I married a white and I can tell you first hand that whites are super easy to get along with because they are laid back and go with the flow. Whites are extremely rational and logical, they’re even tempered, balanced and very diplomatic. They want to be happy and please others. Whites are also known for being indecisive, timid, and unmotivated.

White Personality
Photo: Barbara Barry

A neutral interior comes to mind when designing for a white personality because of its practicality. A white’s logical and somewhat indecisive personality may be drawn to neutrals because they are always in style and with a quick change of pillows and accessories you can have a whole new room without changing any of the main furniture pieces.
An even tempered personality would feel comfortable in a room that displays a balance of shapes, colors, and overall harmonious aesthetic. Because whites are such practical people, a room that isn’t too fussy or cluttered with excess or unnecessary items might also strike a chord.

True Blue

Motivated by intimacy, blues crave meaningful connections with other people and they often find insincerity offensive. Blues are loyal and love to serve others. They are thoughtful, compassionate and sincere. Blues need to be accepted and allowed to reveal their insecurities.

Blues also have a tendency to be self-righteous and are known to be worry-prone and overly sensitive.

Blue PersonalityPhoto left: Mona Hajj, photo right: Thomas O’Brien via Home Interior Design.

Instead of large seating arrangements, satisfy a blue’s need for intimacy by creating smaller, cozier conversational seating. Blues need to show their insecurities and give visitors a chance to understand who they really are, therefore a blue’s home should be a true reflection of who they are and what is important to them. Blues can do this through interesting collections of art and furnishings, no matter how eclectic that collection might be.

Their loyalty and sensitivity is often interpreted into an eclectic space that displays appreciation for each individual object, instead of a perfectly design whole. Blue’s homes should display a sense of organized chaos.

Not So Mellow Yellow

Although other secondary colors have crept in to my personality since my college days, I still consider myself to be a yellow; playful, enthusiastic, spontaneous, and optimistic (as well as the not-so-sunny-side of being unorganized and uncommitted). Yellows live in the moment and are motivated by fun. They’re up for anything and are always after playful adventure. Yellows are sociable, charismatic and can be very persuasive.

Yellow Personality
Photo: Miles Redd

Naturally a yellow will most likely gravitate toward more playful interiors that encompass a sense of whimsy. A mix of textures, pattern, and furniture styles together in one big happy room can satisfy the playful and uncommitted side of yellow’s personality.

Since yellows are sociable and always up to entertain or be entertained, living spaces that maximize seating and side tables for drinks and snacks are fitting. In terms of color and overall style, yellow’s spontaneity means that anything goes.

It’s Not Science, Just a Fun Way to Begin

As I mentioned above, there are no hard and fast rules to decorating for your color personality, but if you or someone you know is stumped on how to begin their next decorating venture, take the color test to discover your driving motive and then design from your inside out.

Now I ask, what color are you? Comment below and let us know what principles you like to use when decorating for your color personality.

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