It’s All in the Mix!

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Great design is all about the mixing and creating your own visual identity. It’s in the way you pair fabrics, mix furniture from various periods and of different styles, choosing an abstract piece of art for an otherwise traditional room, tempering the masculine with a touch of femininity– I could go on and on. The mix is essentially the DNA of our personal aesthetic and it is what distinguishes a great designer from his peers or a chic woman from her friends.

Just the other day, I was reading an article about a home by a famous architect and without knowing who had designed the house until the end, I kept thinking to myself “This is Steven Gambrel. It has all of the elements he is known for. This is so Gambrel.”– and it was! Anna Wintour has famously said “Create your own style. It should be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”

Creating a visual mix is all the more interesting when you bring antique and vintage pieces into the fold to pair with modern pieces. You can have a variety of price points and styles in one room– a French settee with some Chinese blue and white pottery, anyone? My visual DNA is composed of classic silhouettes paired with a few modern touches and an infusion of color. I love chinoiserie, bamboo details, Louis XVI chairs, clean-lined Parsons-style furniture, and abstract art.

What mix is your visual DNA composed of?

Photos by: Brittany Ambridge

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