11 Patterned Tile Options for Your Kitchen

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Image: Architectural Digest

I’m typically an all white kitchen kind of gal, but lately I’ve been spotting some beautiful tile that makes me reconsider my dream kitchen. Tile can add a beautiful accent of color to a space without being too overwhelming. Plus, it is easy to wash and maintain. Score! Here are some of my favorite tile options and why they work.

11 Beautiful Tile Options for Your KitchenImages: (1) Welke.nl (2) Inspire Bohemia (3) The Reclaimed Tile Company (4) Casa

  1. Blue and white. This Dutch-inspired blue and white tile adds a historical and folk influence making it an easy conversation starter. Additionally, when used in a kitchen, the color blue represses the appetite, as opposed to something like yellow, which enhances the appetite.
  2. Blue Portuguese. No one does tile better than Portugal. Add some Portuguese tile for a Bohemian, Mediterranean vibe.
  3. Rustic. In a more rustic vibe, patterned tile pulls a disparate room together.
  4. Bright colors. In a clean, minimal space, add in a pop of bright color to warm up what could be a sterile environment.

11 Beautiful Tile Options for Your KitchenImages: (5) Living Lounge (6) the marion house book (7) Chic Tip (8) Eginstill

  1. Fruit! For someone who is not afraid to take chances and go for a more whimsical look, this apple pattern is pure joy! Pair it with some other bright colors like reds or oranges.
  2. All over tile. Why tile just the backsplash? Why not go for head to toe tile?! It creates a unified space.
  3. White in various shapes. This clever mix of white tiles in vertical rows adds an unexpected element to an otherwise plain white wall.
  4. All white in non-traditional shapes. If you can’t fathom straying from white, try a non-traditional pattern like these triangles.

11 Beautiful Tile Options for Your KitchenImage: Architectural Digest

  1. Dainty blues. For a country look, a dainty painted blue flower pattern has the feel of wallpaper with all the conveniences of a tile.

11 Beautiful Tile Options for Your KitchenImage: Ann Sacks

  1. Green and white. This mini green and white tile creates a lovely patina to a kitchen attempting to have a bit more depth. With bronze accessories like the handles and faucet, it creates a more historical vibe.
  2. (top image) Mix-n-match tile! Although the tile of the back splash and flooring have the potential to clash,, here it creates a cohesive, eclectic feel. The black and white tile floor is proportionally double in size to the backsplash, which is why it works.

So, what’s your dream kitchen?

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  1. Fantastic! The tiles are absolutely amazing, I love the mixture of different patterns, colors.

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