Rollaways: Furniture on Wheels

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Design: Sonia van der Zwaan, Image: Houzz

It’s a common design dilemma: do I satisfy my need for aesthetics or do I focus on functionality? That question seems to come up again and again for designers and their clients. And, well, you know me—I always like to answer those kinds of questions with one of my own: why not have both great looks and fantastic utility? Enter rollaways. Just like the way chocolate and peanut butter combine to make something awesome, furniture and wheels can do the same thing.

Mostly Good Looking

Sometimes, like in the first of my examples, aesthetics triumph over function. But, kind of like when there’s extra chocolate with your peanut butter, no one is usually going to complain when it looks as good as this sleek glass coffee table on casters.

Absolutely Functional

Rollaways: Furniture on Wheels

Design & Image: CB2

Other times the mix goes the other way, though I have to say I’m a big fan of an orange metal media cart on wheels masquerading as a coffee table like this one above. That’s some real “put my feet on the table” sturdiness, and likely to provide years of service.

Kitchen Helper

Rollaways: Furniture on Wheels

Design: TRG Architects, Image: Builder

A rollaway kitchen island extension? Something that can be used as extra prep space but also acts as an informal dining space? Why yes, I think I would like something as awesome as that!

Sensible Outdoors

Rollaways: Furniture on Wheels

Design & Image: Cornerstone Architects

It hardly needs explaining, but large outdoor furniture on wheels makes all kinds of sense, right? Think of how easily these rollaway chairs can be moved and reconfigured; it’s a natural choice. I’d just want to make sure those wheels can be locked into place—form, function and safety!

What kind of rollaway furniture do you use at home?

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