SINGING YOUR SONG: Once Upon Another Time

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Accomplished chanteuse and pianist Sara Bareilles delivers charming, uplifting ballads that captivate the listener with their simplicity and timeless quality. Though her repertoire is devoted almost entirely to tales of love and heartbreak, Bareilles’ tunes also evoke a peacefulness and sense of calm seldom found in contemporary mainstream music. Drawing from the eloquent song, “Once Upon Another Time,” we’ve put together five glorious interiors that complement the track’s tone, mood and lyrics.

More than half of the song is sung a cappella, which like a well-designed minimalist room, requires no accompaniment or support when the structure and execution are both so powerful. Photo courtesy of Specht Harpman.


The song’s title and lyrics have a charming fairytale element, which brought to mind a traditional room with a late 18th century inspired design, worthy of a storybook setting. Photo courtesy of Slifer Designs.


The song’s lullaby-esque rhythm and quality brings to mind a chic-yet-whimsical baby’s nursery.  Photo courtesy of Palm Beach Tots.


Throughout the ballad, the lyrics reference the color yellow and the sun, bringing to mind a space with yellow accents and details bathed in natural light. Photo courtesy of Kia Designs.

Do you think these designs accurately reflect the song? Tell us why or why not in the comments below!

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