Alternative Nightstand Ideas

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Images: (Left) Stacked Box, (Right) Stacked Box, (Left) Built-ins, (Right) Built-in, (Left) Chairs, (Right) Chairs

I didn’t realize the necessity of a nightstand until recently. You see, we moved into our new home in January with only a mattress on the floor. I knew our furniture-less status was temporary so I didn’t mind it so much. I have this thing where I don’t like buying things that I don’t really really love, so until something speaks to me, we do without. After a couple of months of not falling in love with a bed frame, I finally bucked up and bought an Ikea bed to appease us temporarily. All of a sudden, we were 2 ½” feet higher and our nightstand was no longer the floor. What to do?! Now, the race is on for some unique nightstands!

1. Stacked boxes

There are many wonderful nightstands out in the marketplace right now. However, after much research, I’m finding that many start to look the same after awhile. I’ve started to notice some alternative options to the traditional nightstand. Bonus? They are also great for the piggy bank.

A practical solution to the Great Nightstand Dilemma is a sequence of boxes stacked on top of each other. This can be done with boxes of your choosing, it’s best to choose boxes of different sizes. You can try finding boxes at a thrift store, antique shop or from a home furnishings store.

2. Built-ins

I love this idea! A built-in unit, like a shelf or enclave, may not be the most economical solution, but it could be a practical one especially if you’re in a studio apartment or want to divide off the room. It can act as a dual storage unit as well as a place to decorate.

3. Chairs

A chair on the side of the bed is practical for two reasons: as a place to sit while getting ready in the morning, as well as a nightstand. Plus, who doesn’t have love chairs? In my last teeny tiny apartment, we had 16 chairs total because I loved them so much.

Do you have your own alternative nightstand solutions? Do tell!

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