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We’re hopping on over to the East Coast! New York Brownstones to be exact! JMorris Design is an interior design studio based in historic landmark Park Slope, Brooklyn led by principal Jennifer J. Morris. JMorris Design specializes in creating signature spaces with clean lines and stunning decorative personality.

We begin with a 100-year old Brownstone in Fort Greene. Inspired by the many cultures and styles of the neighborhood, Morris decided to blend rustic with sleek and classic with modern in this garden-level kitchen. The repurposed industrial lamp hanging from the exposed wooden beams definitely deserve the limelight.

Enter stage left, Moroccan tiles!

To let the tiles be the star of the show, Morris paired them with Caesarstone Pure White countertops and white cabinets. The color of the tiles continues into the sunflower-yellow sink and bright table clock - time is of the essence when cooking.

On deck, a kitchen located on iconic 4th Street in Park Slope.

Traditional Brownstones are beautiful, but they can lack natural light. This kitchen was a built-out extension of the house that was poorly laid out. Morris redesigned the kitchen, complete with new cabinets and finishes that blended with the home’s rich, classic details. With a tree-lined view like this, we’re on board with the reconfigured layout!

The co-stars of the kitchen: Calacatta Nuvo countertops and gray-white cabinets. Light just bounces between the bright colors!

Cue Morris’s vintage Park Slope home!

She too wanted a well-lit kitchen in her Brownstone home. Morris kept the original layout and simply painted the cabinets and backsplash gray. That window is perfectly placed to let light seep in, with some assistance from the industrial lamp. The Pure White counters bring a touch of modern.

What’s a home without a custom-made dining table? Morris topped hers with Pure White to perfectly match the kitchen. The boat-like shape is an easy way to make space for more dishes while hosting!

Final scene: Polhemus

New Yorkers know a thing or two about maximizing space- this kitchen is a new addition to a Brownstone! The high ceilings allowed the young homeowners to add tons of storage. Morris stained the cabinets grey to highlight the wood texture and bring a dramatic feel to the design.

It’s all about the details - Morris added lightly-veined Statuario Nuvo countertops.

Morris incorporated the perfect built-in dining spot with a waterfall Statuario Nuvo edge. Plates and silverware are just an arm’s length away!

End. JMorris Design deserves a curtain call for her expertise in Brownstone updates.

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