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Dream homes are hard to come by, and also often hard to articulate. How does a vision become a reality? It’s all about interpretation, which is an important element in building a home.

Okanagan Dream Builders believes that every home is as individual in character as the people who live in it and pride themselves in the ability to interpret dream homes. Lucky for us, part of their interpretation includes high quality, long-lasting and beautiful surfaces like Caesarstone.

This kitchen has character from every angle, from custom lighting to stained class windows and showcasing artistic decorative pieces. With cabinets boasting unique colors in this impressive space, the Jet Black countertops help bring it all together.

Talk about luxury! This bathroom is truly fit for a king and queen with ample storage, gorgeous sculpted sinks for two, crystal lighting and luxurious yet durable Misty Carrera countertops.

This home utilizes Jet Black countertops and the same cabinets and hardware in the kitchen and the laundry room for a cohesive design.

And one of our all-time favorite images utilizing Caesarstone outdoors! Jet Black surrounds the planter and fire pit and Blizzard is used for the swim-up or stay-dry bar. Absolutely jaw-dropping!


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