Outdoor Showers: Enjoying the Scene While Getting Clean

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Image: Bart Michaels on Dwell

Are you lucky enough to have a reason to regularly use an outdoor shower? Poolside, perhaps? Or to rinse off after emerging—like Ursula Andress or Daniel Craig (take your pick) in a James Bond film—from the sea? Even just as a handy place outside to wash the family dog? I happen to be a fan of outdoor showers—for all of the above reasons and many more, I assure you—and today I want to give you a look at a few of my favorites.

Connecting with Nature

There are all of the utilitarian reasons to shower outside, and while it’s easy to overlook the more esoteric benefits to showering al fresco, the biggest pleasure of an outdoor shower is simply enjoying nature. The feel of the air, the view of the sea—as shown in the setting above—simply can’t be topped.

Outdoor Showers: Enjoying the Scene While Getting CleanImage: Peter Bennetts on ArchitectureAU

Getting the Job Done

No matter how much I might like to wax poetic about the joys of outdoor showering, I mustn’t overlook the sensibility of simply having a shower outside to wash up before heading inside. Such a simple and effective solution is shown here, above. Everything you need and nothing you don’t. I respect that.

Outdoor Showers: Enjoying the Scene While Getting CleanImage: Planete Deco

Surf-shack Chic

I also appreciate dressing it up a bit, and telling an interesting story though design. This outdoor shower above is poolside but also delivers plenty of surfer style.

Outdoor Showers: Enjoying the Scene While Getting CleanImage: Fonda LaShay

Out of the Woods

Next to the woods (and I imagine close to a lake), the above outdoor shower has plenty of interesting texture to tie it nicely to the environment.

What kind of outdoor shower appeals to you?

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