Treasure Chest: Using Industrial Tool Chests in Your Décor

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Design & Image: The Inspired Room

I was strolling through my local big box home improvement store the other day looking for a replacement battery for my home security system (you know I’m not a DIYer), and couldn’t help but notice the amazing selection of tool chests on display. I immediately began to imagine using some of them in interior design projects because, well, that’s just how my mind works. So, of course, when I got home I decided to do a quick online search to see how others have used these industrial wonders in their décor; I thought I’d share some of what I’ve found.

In the Garage

Just where you’d expect to find a tool chest: the garage. But seeing this example—all nice and clean, dressed up just a little with a smart rug—just solidified my thought that using the same kind of chest inside the rooms of the house where people actually live could be a good thing.

In the Kid’s Bedroom

Treasure Chest: Using Industrial Tool Chests in Your Décor

Design & Image: Where the Pigs Fly

This is a repurposed tool chest, now used as a chest of drawers in a boy’s bedroom (just in case the race car curtains didn’t give you that clue). Great idea, and my guess is this will last forever.

In the Adults’ Bedroom

Treasure Chest: Using Industrial Tool Chests in Your Décor

Design: Tommy Chambers, Image: David Phelps on

If you’re interested in keeping all of your bedside items close at hand but out of sight—and, really, who isn’t—then you might want to think of emulating this idea. It’s a standard tool chest that’s had a custom base created to provide height. Another option: stack two of these on top of one another.

In the Kitchen

Treasure Chest: Using Industrial Tool Chests in Your Décor

Design: Elena Letterton, Image: Peter Vanderwarker for Design New England

If you’re like me and lean toward the non-traditional when it comes to your interior décor, you might just go for this amazing custom kitchen island. The designer created it out of five standard tool chests and had a custom frame and top created to bring it all together. Exactly the kind of thing I had in mind when I first saw similar industrial tool chests.

What kind of industrial elements are a part of your decor?

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