6 Unconventional Storage Ideas for Kitchens

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Kitchen designed by Carlisle Home Design | Caesarstone Oyster

Beautiful kitchens are all the rave these days, but function still trumps beauty when it comes to these hardworking rooms. Whether your kitchen is large or small, storage is usually at the forefront with designing them. Sometimes you have to get creative when providing storage in a kitchen, so here are 6 unconventional storage ideas you can implement in your own kitchen.

Shelving Behind Barn doors
Barn doors are trending in every room, usually replacing interior and closet doors. But, barn doors can also be a cool way to hide shelving used to store items you want to keep out of site. They can be really stylish, serving as a complement or contrast to your homes architecture. 

Kitchen designed by Biglar Kinyan Design | Caesarstone Blizzard

Go High
We see cabinets hung high all the time, but many times the cabinets only go high enough that they’re still reachable by a small stool or ladder. When you have really high ceilings, consider placing your cabinets to the tip top of the ceiling and having a sliding ladder system installed to make it a breeze to access your cabinets.

M Street Residence

Kitchen designed by JS Interiors LLC 

Under the Stairs
When you find yourself short on space and have a kitchen that opens up to your staircase, use the space under the stairs for open or closed storage. In the kitchen below, the space beneath the stairs was carved out for a fancy coffee station, but you can do something similar to store your pots and pans, a baking station, your china collection, or anything else you’d like to display or hide.

Coffee bar

Kitchen designed by Lisa Robazza Design

Use a Beautiful Piece of Furniture
I’m sure you’ve seen cabinets made to look like pieces of furniture in kitchens before, so why not bring in an actual piece that you would normally use in a dining room, bedroom, or living room. Like this huge hutch below. It’s a perfect piece for displaying/storing just about anything: dishware, cookware, baking supplies, collectibles, etc. Armoires, dressers, and bookcases could work in a kitchen, too.

Caesarstone Noble Grey

Pantry Pull-outs Overload
Pantry pull-outs are especially useful, but there are many kitchens with only one or two of these pull-outs and a separate pantry. The pull-outs are usually reserved for cookware or spices, but what about taking a play from this kitchen’s playbook and doing a full pantry of pull-outs? 5-6 pull-outs could house food, dishware, cookware, glasses, spices, and more. They’re extremely convenient and make great use of both large and small kitchens.

Contemporary Kitchen Remodel Pantry Pull-outs

Kitchen designed by Paige Pennington for Young Remodeling 

Room Divider that Doubles as Storage
This option is extra creative and versatile. When you’re short on space in a small home and your kitchen opens up to your living room (or bedroom, for the studio dwellers), sometimes you want to visually separate the spaces. Using a room divider that doubles as storage is perfect for calming a small and crowded space, while also serving as a cool way to store fun collectibles, books, or home/kitchen essentials.

Projet Voltaire, architectes Carla Lopez et Margaux Meza

Kitchen designed by Transition Interior Design 


When designing your kitchen storage, remember you can utilize every space of your room! Share your storage ideas with a comment below!

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