8 Fall DIY's for the Halloween at Heart

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Images: (Left) Martha Stewart, (Right) DIY Network

Though I dread fall—it means a long winter ahead—I find the fall holidays to be cozy and beautiful. Halloween, for example, incorporates natural elements like pumpkins and gourds to create unique home décor. Though Halloween can be taken in a creepy direction, I prefer to celebrate the fall harvest by using rich color schemes. Here are some of my favorite projects for the Halloween season.

1. Staircase Silhouette

For my home in Copenhagen, I did something similar for our staircase and loved the look. I used black wrapping paper(though plain paper is fine), traced an outline, cut it out into 7” sections and applied it with tape.

2. Topiary Pumpkin DIY

This is one of my favorite ways to celebrate the fall season, and there’s no orange to be found! These white pumpkins are stacked on top of each other and layered with spots of moss and straw to create a beautiful statement piece at the entrance of a home.

Candy Corn and Pumpkins
Images: (Left) Better Homes and Gardens, (Right) Oh Happy Day

3. Candy Corn Pumpkins

I love when items are redesigned to resemble other items. Start by spray painting pumpkins white, then add some orange and yellow at the bottom and you’ve got candy corns!

4. Pumpkin Disco Ball

This is a project that I did for my home a few years ago. I sprayed a paper lantern with spray glue and added orange glitter. Hang from a ceiling to get a fun and easy disco ball effect.

Table Chair and Pumpkins
Images: (Left) Martha Stewart, (Right) Better Homes and Gardens

5. Ghoulish Spiderwebs

You can easily create spider webs with cheesecloth for a spooky effect around your home.

6. Monogrammed Pumpkins

These carved pumpkins are classy. If you want to keep your home elegant for the holiday, try carving your initials in pumpkins.

Small Pumpkins and Garland
Images: (Left) Babble, (Right) The House that Lars Built

7. Gourds on Display

Another way to keep Halloween classy is to place mini gourds in a display cloche. Easy and beautiful!

8. Black Paper Garland

Here’s another project that I did for my home a few years ago. I cut triangles out of black paper and glued them to a string to hang up. I kept the triangles uneven to give them a creepier look and feel.

Do you like Halloween? What are some projects you’re trying out this year?

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