9 Ways to Concrete Your Home

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Image: Weekday Carnival

I love the possibilities of concrete. Because of the pouring technique, it is not as restrictive as many other materials. It has the potential to create sweeping curves or large, uninterrupted planks. Plus, it’s easy to attain and work with. You can use it in projects as big as full floors or as small as clocks.

I find that concrete tends to be used in ultra-modern environments, but lately, it’s been used in so many different ways that I bet anyone would be able to identify a use for it in their own home. Let’s take a look at some of the many uses of concrete.

Concrete Interior Design
Images: 1) A Thoughtful Eye, 2) Contemporist, 3) Arch Daily, 4) Media Cache

  1. Concrete fireplace. Though concrete can oftentimes create a cold, sterile environment, this space is balanced with a mix of materials and textures like wood, fur, and linen. The concrete fireplace is a nice accent mark in the spacious room.
  2. Concrete grandfather clock. This freestanding clock is the design of Johan Forsberg, who wanted to explore the possibilities of the medium and found the clock to be a prime way to accomplish it.
  3. Concrete walls. This interior goes beyond a simple mantle and continues into the walls and staircase. Because of the technique used in applying concrete, the lines are seamless.
  4. Concrete open shelving. Open shelving in a kitchen is hot right now and concrete is a beautiful method and neutral backdrop for displaying prized objects.

Concrete Design
Images: 5) Central Design Studio, 6) Design Field Notes, 7) Design Milk, 8) Media Cache

  1. Concrete staircase. There’s something so beautifully minimal about a staircase free of extraneous details. This one is clean and simple.
  2. Concrete flooring. Concrete flooring is super hot right now and for good reason. It’s relatively cheap to install and provides a moody feel to a room.
  3. Concrete tub. This one’s for the lover of graphic, clean lines!
  4. Concrete exterior. This cube house is created with seamless details and beautiful large windows.
  5. (Top Image) Concrete table. The concrete top acts as a neutral to the space and accented with bright accessories.

SO, would you add concrete to your space?

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