Social Lights: 5 DIY Lights Worth Talking About

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Lighting in a room has been described to adding jewelry to a great outfit. Without it, something just falls flat. With it, magic unicorn fireworks shoot through the air. One of the biggest hurdles for people is the price of custom lighting. Its more than an arm and a leg, it can be the entire right half of your body! So here are 5 of my favorite DIY lighting projects to help you get rid of all of your builder grade boring. They range from simple to a bit more complicated but worth the wow factor.

1. Ceiling Shade

One of the simplest updates comes from DIY Lovebirds Young House Love. All you need is an already installed boob light and a lampshade. This project is great for anyone that has low ceilings that cant accommodate anything that hangs. Check out their tutorial here.

Ceiling Shade
Image: Lovebirds Young House Love.

2. Glass Pendant Light

Project #2 is for someone that just wants to add a little paint and be done with it. These opalescent globe lights from Bri over at DesignLoveFest are forehead slapping simple and the photography in the tutorial is gorgeous. The best part? This is a tutorial that even the most DIY challenged can execute.

Glass Pendant LightImage: DesignLoveFest

3. Woven Lamp

If you are feeling a little more woodsy, check out this amazing Wood Veneer hanging pendant from PoppyTalk. You can also make it with balsa wood if you want something a little more organic looking. Or if you are in it for the funk, you could paint the inside of each strip. That would be fab.

Woven Light FixtureImage: PoppyTalk

4. The Sputnik Chandy

If you are looking for a massive statement piece, look no further than your local Ikea. This DIY Sputnik Chandy from Jenny over at Little Green Notebook is one of those “This came from Ikea?!” projects. Check out her full tutorial to take the light from white and common to gold and one of a kind. Bravo Miss Jenny.

Sputnik ChandelierImage: Little Green Notebook

5. Openwork Cube Pendant

And last but not least, one of my personal favorites (probably because it resides in my living room and is smiling down on me as I type this) is this Openwork Cube Pendant. When you want something large that doesn’t overtake the space visually doing something like this light is a great way to have the best of both worlds. Check out the full tutorial over on Vintage Revivals.

Openwork Cube Light
Image: Vintage Revivals

So what are your favorite lighting styles? Do you love big and bold or simple and understated?

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  1. I’m a VR & YHL reader. I recently discovered DesignLoveFest like 2 weeks ago. and am newly obsessed! I saw those ombre globes and now I’m plotting to incorporate them somehow in my house. Partially because, well, look at them! And partially because I have a spray paint fixation. Nothing in my home is safe from it.

    Nice round up Mandi!


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