16 Ways to Add Tartan Wools into Your Home

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Images: (top left) Vivienne Westwood, (top right) Sally Dernie, (bottom left) Shelter Interior Design, (bottom right) Design Milk

Last week I attended a vintage market and came across a few red tartan blankets for sale. I did not even hesitate to buy one. To me, nothing spells c-o-z-y more than a rich, wool tartan blanket. It’s a bit holiday, a bit vintage, and a bit British. It’s perfect.

Tartan, which is of Scottish descent, is traditionally a woven wool consisting of colored stripes of varying widths crossed at right angles against a solid background. Today, designers have added a modern touch making them a perfect addition to a modern and cozy room.

Tartans can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some of my favorites.


Tartan Inspired Sofas on the Interior CollectiveImages: (1) Martine Louise Design, (2) Design Milk, (3) Ralph Lauren, (4) Good House Ideas

  1. This tartan sofa is an abstracted version of a traditional pattern created by enlarging the widths of the weaves.
  2. Rather than apply the pattern onto a traditional frame, this beautifully colored tartan is set on an ultra modern sofa.
  3. A more traditional color palette is set on an English settee.
  4. This subdued tartan is the perfect vehicle for adding an authentic English feel.


Tartan Rugs on the Interior CollectiveImages: (5) Vivienne Westwood, (6) Homes and Property, (7) The Rug Company, (8) Not on the High Street

  1. This Vivienne Westood tartan rug from Rug Company is the perfect old vs. new design. The color palette is so fresh.
  2. This wall-to-wall rug beautifully creates a cohesive feel to this modern yet antique room.
  3. This enlarged tartan rug in a blue/orange complementary scheme looks mid-century modern rather than distinctly English.
  4. This is one of my favorites. The modernized tartan has a single repeat and plays on a number of colors to create a funky version of the traditional pattern.


Tartan Chairs on the Interior CollectiveImages: (9) Martine Louise Design, (10) Shannon's Shanonigins, (11) Media Cache (12) Sally Dernie

  1. While sofas and rugs might be a big commitment, chairs are a simpler way to add in tartan. This one is modernized by only covering the back of the chair.
  2. This is a more traditional take on the tartan in the familiar red color on an expected style.
  3. This tartan-clad Saarinen is an unexpected choice.
  4. This magenta colored armchair adds in the perfect amount of freshness to a traditional pattern.


Tartan Accessories on the Interior CollectiveImages: (13) Press Loft, (14) Homes and Property, (15) Shelter Interior Design, (16) Konfetti

  1. Tartan can be applied in many other ways like these roman shades in a traditional red pattern.
  2. A modernized tartan pillow is the perfect way to add in a dash of the pattern.
  3. To me, this is the ultimate definition of holiday coziness. Raging fire, stacked wood, a touch of tartan. Perfection.
  4. Tartan blankets used as picnic blankets are a good stash to always have on board.

Alright, dish! Do you love tartan as much as I do?!

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