9 Subtle Ways to Add Copper Into Your Home

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Metal products are a welcomed source of shiny and luxury in the home and copper in particular is enjoying its time in the spotlight right now. Like gold and brass, it adds warmness to a space unlike silver or steel. I particularly like copper because it’s not as ubiquitous as gold. I went on a search to find some of my favorite copper products to work into your home and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve found.

There is no better place to use copper than in the kitchen. This is especially the case with pots and pans as it is a wonderful conductor of heat. My dream kitchen includes a set of copper pots and pans.

Copper Kitchen Products
Images: Copper Pitchers, Copper Kitchen-Aid, Copper Tea Kettle, Copper Whisk, Copper Flatware , Copper Stock Pot, Copper Graters, Copper Pots and Pan

1. Pitchers

This hammered copper pitcher was hammered by an artisan in Japan. It’s beautiful in shape and material and it’s perfect for both modern and more rustic interiors.

2. Kitchen-Aids

Kitchen-aid kills it every time with their food processor colors. How lovely would this be in a kitchen?!

3. Tea Kettles

Classic and perfect for a tea lover!

4. Whisks

A sweet gift for a bridal couple! And a cheap way to take advantage of the trend right now.

5. Flatwares

Please and thank you.

6. Stock pots

This stock pot contains just the right amount of copper to accent the soapstone base.

7. Graters

This would make a fun gift for a trendy friend.

Copper for the Home
Images: (Left) Copper Tape Dispenser, (Center) Copper Pendant, (Right) Copper Pendent

8. Tape Dispensers

This would make a great gift for a college grad or Father’s day.

9. Pendants

Tom Dixon kind of started the whole thing with his copper pendant a few years back. If you’re not into round, there are other beautiful shapes to add to your home.

What do you think of copper? In or out? Would you use it in your home?

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