How to Decorate with Velvet

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I’m a big fan of the resurgence of velvet. It tends to come in beautiful colors and adds a depth to each piece it is applied to that you can’t get from any other fabric. The recent resurgence of velvet’s popularity means endless opportunities for ways that it can be used, like new sofa shapes or colors.

Velvet is a woven, tufted fabric with evenly distributed cut threads. Because of this even distribution, the feel becomes very soft and is traditionally used for nobility. Today this luxurious fabric has become much more accessible. Here’s how to decorate with it.

Velvet Sofas

(See above) My favorite method of applying velvet is to a sofa. This technique was popular in the ‘60s and favored bright colors. I love how it is now being applied to updated sofa frames to read very modern. There are a number of fabric shops that carry velvets in lovely colors; try taking an existing sofa frame and getting it reupholstered. I recently bought a sofa and loveseat from a thrift store and plan on applying the same method - it adds instant glamour! Throw in some patterned pillows to give the sofa some personality.

Velvet Pillows

If you cannot commit to a full sofa reupholster, try some simple throw pillows. There are plenty of lovely pillows out there that would be perfect to add to a bed, chair, or sofa. Try tonal colors for a simple update, or add your own touch to it by DIYing a pattern onto it.

How to Decorate with Velvet on the Interior CollectiveImages: (Top left) Emily Henderson; (Top right) House & Home; (Middle) Etsy; (Bottom left) Modish; (Bottom right) Etsy

Velvet Blankets

Velvet can either be turned up or down in levels of dramatic effect according to the style, color, and finish of it. A crushed velvet blanket would amp up the drama while a quilted velvet blanket would tone it down. If you know the look you are going for, then you can select the right type of application for it. Blankets in velvet are comfortable and sophisticated, and would add a finishing touch to a bedroom or sofa.

How to Decorate with Velvet on the Interior CollectiveImages: (Top left) Airlie Moon; (Top right) Layla Grace; (Bottom) Etsy

How would you decorate with velvet in your home?

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