How to Design in an A-frame Home

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I love the challenge of interior design. If there’s something that makes the room less than optimal, I like to take that and run with it. I’d much prefer an obstacle in my way versus a large square box. I think it makes it more interesting. A-frame homes are much the same way—challenging. They can be gorgeous and charming, but also hard to design for and make efficient use of space. Here are some of my tricks for designing for a-frame interiors.

  1. Marie Claire Maison. Custom bookshelves. The angles of an A-frame interior can be tricky to work with and maximize. If you can, try a floor-to-ceiling bookcase. It will make the crevices efficient while providing for a powerful visual.
  2. Petits Papiers. Focus on the ceiling. The angles of the ceiling will provide interesting lines. Use beautiful pendants and chandeliers to focus on these lines.
  3. Flickr. Sofa placement. The placement of a sofa in an A-frame home can really make or break the traffic of the space. If the A-frame is steep enough, place the sofa against it. This will create a space in the back for storage and help open up the rest of the space.
  4. Happy Mundane. Make it cozy. The benefit of an A-frame home is the coziness it creates. Go with it and create a circular seating pattern. How to Design in an A-frame Home
  5. Apartment Therapy. Focal point. Here the pinnacle of the A-frame is the focus of the room with the floor-to-ceiling fireplace. Make it pop with a single colored paint job.
  6. Country Living. Push objects to the side. If you can, squeeze a bed into the corner of the A making sure you leave enough space to get in and out.
  7. Top 10 Design Ideas. Symmetry. My favorite look in an A-framed attic is a symmetrical bedroom. Place the two beds on either side of the room.
  8. Shelterness. Custom built-ins. Another favorite A-frame look is to make the corners useful. Here, a practical workspace was installed into the room, making the angles helpful with storage needs.

How would you design an A-frame home?

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