How to Style With Furs

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Image: Fancy! New Zealand Design Blog

The colder months are upon us and it’s out with the light and in with the heavy! Exchange those linen throws for some cozy furs and skins to bring in all the warmth you can. There are a lot of great synthetic fur options these days and a lot of opportunities to buy used to help those who question the moral implications.

My views of furs and skins changed while living in Denmark. A lot of people use furs and skins because they really do combat the cold the best. For that reason it’s quite common to find beautiful and inspiring photos of furs in the Scandinavian aesthetic. That said, it works with a number of styles. Here are some of my favorite ways to style with furs.

How to Style With Furs

  1. Interior Junkie. One of my favorite ways to display a fur is on a chair and this grouping of four does it just right! Here, the brown fur is draped over a Barcelona chair and warms up the space with a beautiful texture.
  2. Amara. Here, furs are used on the floor and on the chairs. Don’t be afraid to have too many, especially if your flooring is cold.
  3. SF Girl by Bay. A simple framed chair is enhanced with a beautiful sheepskin.
  4. Centsational Girl. Sheepskins are easy to find with these days. Ikea has some great faux options.

How to Style With Furs

  1. Lonny. A fur on a bed is a wonderful way to display it. Use it on the edge of the bed for a small accent piece.
  2. Room for a Pony. Layer your sofa with a small fur and build it up with a mixture of pillows.
  3. Amber Interiors. This kitchen is enhanced with a small fur on each of the dining table chairs. It’s a fun way to make a statement and warm up the space.
  4. The Style Files. Try a small fur rug to frame a vignette or a fur pillow if you can’t commit to a full rug.

How to Style With Furs

Image: Casa Sugar 

Again, a throw pillow is a great way to add in the fur texture without going overboard.

How to Style With Furs

Image: Rue Magazine

I love this gorgeous fur on the bed of a moody bedroom. It adds in a gorgeous texture.

How to Style With Furs

Image: Sweet Thing 

This skin adds in a beautiful textured and layered element to this more bohemian room.

How to Style With Furs

Image: Vintage Piken 

Lastly, furs are great for creating small vignettes like this bull skull. The textured fur adds in a tactile quality.

Have you ever used furs to enhance a space? 

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