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Bohemian décor is one of those styles that seem easier to show than describe. If I were asked for a description of Bohemian style, I think it would consist of a lot of disjointed nouns and adjectives like layers, rugs, colorful, textiles, eclectic, artistic, and creative. But what about decorating your space in a way that captures the Bohemian spirit but still appeals to the guy in your life? Let’s look at a few examples of how that’s done.

Tons of Textiles

You can almost feel the different fabrics and textures in the above living room. The layering of a skin rug over an oriental carpet is a great touch and will be very appealing to most men as well. A leather chair stands alone, but the colorful throw and patterned pillows on the sofa bring more elements of Bohemian décor into the space, as do the animal figure and multiple pieces of artwork.

Lots of Layers

Masculine Bohemian Design on the Interior CollectiveImage: House Beautiful

The framed and stacked art pieces do a wonderful job of setting a relaxed tone in this dining room which is a very important aspect of Bohemian interiors. Add in the rugs, mix of styles (a Japanese paper lamp in a Craftsman bungalow?), taxidermy deer (almost always a plus in masculine design), and additional fabrics in the tablecloth and window coverings and you’ve created the kind of eclecticism one would expect from Bohemian style.

Cozy and Colorful

Masculine Bohemian Design on the Interior CollectiveImage: Homedit

Bohemian interiors tend to feel almost womb-like. The darker wallpaper and soft bedding do a terrific job of establishing that feeling in this bedroom. The energy and color from the art and fabrics add to the Bohemian ambiance, while the addition of a slight industrial bend in the two lamps help make the space more man-friendly.

Bohemian in Spirit

Masculine Bohemian Design on the Interior CollectiveImage: Apartment Therapy

Some spaces, like this home office, don’t typically lend themselves to layers of fabrics or multiple pillows. But, the Bohemian feel can still come through by using rugs, color, art and an overall sense of creativity in decorating the space.

Do you have a hankering for Bohemian decor?

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