MIND ON DESIGN: 5 Stunning Ceilings

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Photo courtesy of Julie K.

In a well designed home, no feature goes untouched. From major details like carefully selected furniture and appliances, to smaller scale items like accents and accessories, every element should have a purpose as either a functional item or as a part of the décor. While most spend time decorating a rooms wall’s and immediate area, sometimes the most impressive feature of a space can only been seen when looking up. Here are a few impressive ceilings that make you take a second look at the roof over your head.


A rich golden ceiling takes the bold colors, striped patterns and dramatic chandelier in this living room from whimsical to regal. Photo courtesy of Design Chic.  


Tin ceiling tiles give this traditional kitchen a medieval flair. Photo courtesy of Freshome.


Skylights are fairly common, but this dome glass ceiling is simply ethereal over the quaint dining room. Photo courtesy of Gabba Gabba Gorgeous.


The curved, wood ceiling makes the living space in this lavish cabin incredibly unique, warm and inviting. Photo courtesy of FFFFound.


A brick ceiling eloquently brings together the different wood finishes in this gorgeous, spacious kitchen. Photo courtesy of Echelon Custom Homes.

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