Quartz Backsplashes: Custom Made to Last

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One of the biggest challenges that come up when designing your home is the fine line between going with something that is trendy now, or going with something that will stay timeless for years to come. Typically people want to spend their money on something that they won’t tire of in a couple years, but also look for something that will stand out in their space and make it original. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with custom details that really elevate the design, but feel authentic and timeless. Going with a quartz slab backsplash is such a great way to give the center of your home a really beautiful and high impact focal point that will also stand the test of time. Here are five reasons why it is such a great choice:

Design: Turntable Kitchen | 5143 White Attica

Custom Made

Even if you live in a cookie cutter subdivision, adding in a custom cut quartz backsplash will give your home so much more character and interest, which is also great if you ever decide to sell down the road!

Design: Kate Harrison | Image: Tyler Hogan | Backsplash: 5141 Frosty Carrina, Island: 5131 Calacatta Nuvo

From Traditional to Modern

It is not often that something can work in any style, but a quartz slab backsplash, featured above in Frosty Carrina, is the exception. This look really fits modern, traditional, contemporary and any style in between!

Design: Avenue Design | Image: Birdhouse Media Photography | Backsplash and Island: 6046 Moorland Fog


Leaves Room for Color Mixing

Continuing your countertops up into your backsplash leaves you with one less finish in your kitchen. This is perfect if you are looking to go with a more minimal feel. However, it also works really well if you are looking to add in a second cabinet color or countertop finish!

Design: Jean Luxe for Sydne Summers | Image: Michelle Kyle Photography | 5031 Statuario Maximus

Easy to Clean

Unlike a traditional tile backsplash, a slab of quartz is much easier to clean! The smooth surface really minimizes cracks and nooks for dirt to get caught in, and can quickly be wiped down.

Design: Stillwater Dwellings | 4120 Raven


Unlike marbles that are porous and can easily stain, quartz is a much stronger finish that will hold up and look great throughout the years!

Design: Jessica Marx | 5111 Statuario Nuvo


For some more inspiration, browse the Caesarstone collection of quartz surfaces to find one that will fit your home!

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