TECHNIQUE TIP: Symmetrical Balance

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Photo courtesy of Imagine Living.

When it comes to living in a well-decorated space, one of the most difficult techniques to maintain day to day is balance.

Traditional or formal spaces call for symmetrical balance where the space is evenly split into two sides that mirror each other. For example, two chairs on either side of a coffee table can be symmetrically balanced. This kind of balance is easy to achieve as design elements are repeated on each side, but if you are not careful, this kind of balance can appear uninspired and mundane. Balance in interior design refers to the way items are arranged to reflect poise. We’ll show you home to maintain symmetrical balance in your home:


Using symmetrical balance with minimal décor makes the technique pop and easy to maintain. Photo courtesy of M-Architecture.


Using contrast with a symmetrical design is both chic and streamlined. Photo courtesy of Segev Photography.


Maintain symmetry in a shared bath with the help of strategically placed mirrors and avoid unnecessary accents. Photo courtesy of Carter Design Studio.   


Use color to add warmth to a perfectly symmetrical space. Photo courtesy of Studio KW Photography.

Do you have any tips or thoughts on using symmetry to create balance? Tell us what you think of this technique below!

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