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Image: Ian Allen for Dwell

We all know the old saying, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” First impressions -– also known as curb appeal – are what these amazing modern homes are all about, even when there’s not a curb in sight. If you have the good fortune to be shopping for a new place or preparing for a remodel, then there are plenty of lessons to be learned from taking a look at how these houses put their best face forward.

Let’s start with the glass, wood, and concrete masterpiece above: springing from the surrounding hill and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the place next door, this home has tremendous curb appeal. The glass expanse that wraps across the front and side is the obvious focus. Note the working portholes allowing in fresh air – not something you see every day! The wood on the ground and top floors helps to counterbalance and ground the glass, making for a first impression that’s both modern and connected.


Portable Modern Home
Image: Desire to Inspire

Even though this portable space is shown set up in a field, its simple, clean lines, utilitarian materials, and front wall (that can be opened wide) make it very welcoming, no matter the setting. I would like to see these ideas used in a city-bound house where stucco is the main exterior finish; I think the result would feel rough and refined at the same time.

Strata & Striations

Modern Home
Image: Home Ador

By mimicking and honoring the red rock mesas nearby, this home seems to have been meticulously carved out of its surroundings. The windows give a playful peek into the interior spaces, helping to soften the monolithic elements. Using large screening walls –which could even be separate from the structure itself –is one way of redefining the façade of an existing home.

Cantilevered Entry

Modern Home Walkway
Image: Contemporist

Another fresh way of presenting well-loved modern materials, wood and concrete, can be seen in this entryway. By featuring a cantilevered walkway covering, the entry acts like a welcoming hand, inviting visitors into the space. Proper engineering could make a version of this in whatever material your home uses.


Modern Wood Home
Image: Bates Masi Architects

Of course a large green front lawn helps provide curb appeal. But even if this house were in the desert, the large walls of windows and the waterfall effect of the wood exterior would provide plenty of appeal on their own.

How have you improved the curb appeal of your home?

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