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Whether you have a small kitchen or a large kitchen, storage is always a necessity. From storing dishware to finding the perfect place for your pots and pans, we always need more storage options. And on top of finding more storage options, finding accessible places to store day to day items is a must. Like when I’m frying an egg. I don’t necessarily want to go digging for a pan and spatula. I’d love if they were an arms length away. And while we’re at it, creating storage options that look really great is an added bonus! Below I’ve got some better storage ideas for all of us that will keep those needed items near us.

Design: Jessica Leigh McGouran | Image: Stephani Buchman | Organic White

For those of you that love to host and find yourself entertaining a lot, having a beverage fridge near you may be the best idea ever! Especially if it only stores your beverage needs. You can hide it nicely under your counters or choose glass doors to show off all of those pretty drinks.

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I have a few friends that cook on a regular basis that depend on having their pots and pans close by. If you have the room, create a storage wall that you can hook all of your pans on. It looks cool and is very functional. Add some herbs and greenery to the wall for an even more stylish vibe.

Design: Suzanne Childress Design | Misty Carrera

A classic option for storing grains and snacks is using glass jars. You can choose jars that go with the style of your kitchen to create the perfect look. I love mixing colors of food within the jars to add a bit of texture to the kitchen. Place these jars in groupings or add them individually throughout.

Who says that you can’t style the inside of your pantry to look straight out of a magazine?! And the reality is, you’ll be able to see everything and have access to more when it’s put in its right place. Just remember to place day to day items eye level for easy use, and then place everything else higher or lower.


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