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In interior design school I took a basic graphic design course that taught the fundamentals of typography and I LOVED it! (Typography is the proper term to describe what our word processing programs call “fonts”.) I would spend hours selecting the right type for the right project, going through the entire list of fonts on my computer. Nowadays, I do branding for clients and I still go through the process of trying out many different fonts to find the right type for the person. The right font can reflect your personality the same way that clothes on your body or furniture items in your house reflect your personality.

What does your font say about you?

Pentagram’s font personality test

Pentagram, the legendary graphic design firm, released a personality test a few years ago that reveals the typeface that best fits you. The test itself is pretty humorous as it consists of a sequence of short video segments of a man from the neck down speaking with an Eastern European accent, questioning the viewer. With only 4 questions, the test isn’t so much a serious analysis of your personality as it is a fun reflection of type and traits. At the end you can see the statistics of how many people are which typeface. With 13%, the winner is Dot Matrix followed by Archer Hairline with 11% and Cooper Black Italic with 9%. The lowest is Expanded Antique with 1%.

When I originally took the test I was told that Archer Hairline was my best fit and I was pretty content because it is elegant and feminine. This time around, 4 or 5 years later, I was assigned Architype Van Doesburg, a much more masculine and harsh typeface, which definitely is not my favorite and not me at all. It just goes to show that it’s not necessarily accurate, but fun nonetheless.

Go ahead and try it out. What did you find? Do you think the test reflects your personality? Does it reflect the style of your home? Is it the one you would have chosen yourself? What is your favorite font?


Image Sources: Pentagram.

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