10 Interior Design Ideas For Under Your Stairs

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Unless you’re Harry Potter, you probably haven’t spent much time underneath your staircase. If not designed thoughtfully, then this space is often awkward and useless. However, if designed properly, it can be fully utilized to maximize your space and storage, adding much needed square footage to your home.

There are many ways to utilize this space under your stairs. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Seating

Stair Nook
Images: (Left) Fine Home Building, (Right) Houzz

Why not add a cozy nook to your space and turn it into a reading space or a place to host guests? Add a table to it, and chair or sofa and you’ve got a great place to sip tea and read a magazine.

2. Storage

Stair Storage
Image: Nate Berkus

Adding bookcases to this awkward space is one of my favorite ideas. It brings visual interest to the room, while taking advantage of a static location.

3. Dog House

Dog House Stairs
Image: Furnish Burnish

Why not? Just call him Harry Potter.

4. Piano

Images: (Left) Dreamstime, (Right) flickr

A beautiful circular staircase creates a natural location for a grand or baby grand piano. Plus, it’s a natural focal point for impromptu recitals and concerts.

5. Kitchen

Images: (Both) Furnish Burnish

In a small space, every inch must be accounted for. A kitchen nook underneath the staircase can solve a problem to a small room.

6. TV

By placing a TV in the nook, you can add cupboards to hide it when it’s not in use.

7. Statement Piece

Statement Stairs
Images: (Left) Pinterest, (Right) Pinterest

Add a beautiful table with a small vignette to show that you’ve thought about the space.

8. Nothing

Images: (Left) bancroft and ivy, (Right) Apartment Therapy

Absolutely nothing. It can also be very striking, especially if the rest of the space is similarly minimal. Make sure it doesn’t feel like it hasn’t been thought about though – it’s a fine line.

9. Display

Images: (Both) Furnish Burnish

This is one of my favorite ideas, especially if your staircase is not necessarily attractive. You can add a beautiful sideboard with frames on top, flowers, and a small gallery wall.

10. Bed

Another why not? It’s a cozy place for curling up.

How have you maximized the space under your stairs?

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