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Color. It’s the burst of energy, the bold accent, the neutral balance. But selecting the perfect color—and then the colors that’ll go with it —can seem overwhelming, and sometimes impossible. Instead of pulling out your hair or relying on others opinions to find the color you love, use one of these four color-generating tools. The apps and websites will make you a color expert—or at least ensure you have one at your fingertips.

1. Color Capture

Do you often see the color of your interior design dreams in anything but paint? Think: nail polish, artwork, clothing, plants, etc. Then Color Capture by Benjamin Moore is the app for you. “Take a picture of anything, anywhere and the app tells you the matching Benjamin Moore paint color.” Let the design process begin.

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2. Adobe Color CC

If you’re the type of person who wears 50 shades of black and in desperate need of a color injection, Adobe Color CC (Kuler) should be your go-to website and app. This handy tool gives you six methods to create  the optimal color scheme  for your design. This user-friendly tool can be the perfect remedy for the color-impaired (or the perfect time-waster to the color-enthusiasts, as we recently learned).

3. Colour Lovers

Now that you’ve captured your perfect color, find a palette that’s user-tested, designer-approved. Colour Lovers makes choosing the supporting colors a breeze, bycreating perfectly paired palettes. And if you’re stuck between two shades, you can get other users’ opinions by using the app’s message boards.

Photo via Colour Lovers


4. I Want Hue

I want hue is ideal for all you scientific designers out there. The idea behind I want hue? Distributing colors evenly, in perceptively coherent spaceto generate high quality, custom palettes. In other words, they look at color from all angles to generate the most perfect palette in a range of hues, saturation, lightness, darkness and more. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

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