Affordable Art for Your Home and Where to Get It

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Image: Design Love Fest

In my dreams I have an amazing art collection full of Monet’s and Matisse’s. I don’t foresee that happening in the near future, but nowadays there are many ways to create an art-filled home. Because of the Internet, art makers often have a direct-to-customer platform; this allows them to sell their work for much less than in a traditional gallery. Additionally, there are a number of wonderful websites where you can buy prints of your favorite artists – both classic and current! Let’s take a look to see where you can go.

Where to Buy Your Favorite Artwork

Desk with Black and White Print
Image: Oh Happy Day

Some of my favorite places to look for both original works and prints are the following:

  1. Etsy. This is one of my favorite places to browse current artists. It’s such an easy platform for an artist looking to sell, and it’s great for creating community. The good ones can be a bit tough to identify, but take a look at the home page every now and again for a curated assortment of works.

  2. Ebay. Consider this an online flea market. You’ll find people who sell professionally, as well as one-timers who don’t know they can make a bit more on an unknown masterpiece. Be specific in your searches to really find what you want.

  3. 20x200. Every week they release 2 new pieces at a variety of sizes and prices that start out at $20.

  4. has a nearly an unlimited number of prints in stock of both classic and current artwork. The website also allows you to see what the artwork would look like on a wall in the right scale.

  5. Society 6 is a website that allows artists to post their work, and then the site takes care of the manufacturing. Because artists get to set their prices, it’s great for finding deals – prices start at $10.

  6. Artist websites. Once you’ve found an artist you like, check out their website because they often sell directly, and not through a gallery.

Charcoal Art
Image: Cornelia Odonovan

Below are a number of my favorite works out right now, and the places to get them.

Affordable Art
Images: (1), (2) (3), (4) Emily Green, (5) Etsy, (6) Etsy

  1. A Vilhelm Hammershoi print from

  2. Three Figures by Kasimir Malevich

  3. Flower still life by Etsy artist Prattcreek art

  4. Farm Garden with sunflowers by Gustav Klimt

  5. A watercolor giclee print by textile artist Emily Green

  6. Floral still life by Etsy artist Prattcreekart

What’s your favorite piece of art in your home, and where did you get it? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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