Bright Idea: Industrial Wall Sconces

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Image: Michele Varian

One of my favorite interior design styles is industrial, and wall sconce light fixtures are a décor feature that is always intriguing—so I thought, why not combine the two and show you how to bring industrial wall sconces into any room of the house? Rest assured, you don’t have to use industrial style throughout the room if it’s not your thing. These pieces mix well with any interior décor.

In the Living Room

This pair of very French, industrial-looking sconces, shown above, add both illumination and interest to a living room that is already a mixture of styles and pieces. With their added versatility—they can be positioned in an almost infinite number of ways—they fit right into the décor.

In the Kitchen

Bright Idea: Industrial Wall Sconces

Image: StyleCarrot

Here’s another industrial sconce that happens to also be on a long, repositionable arm. It’s the classic Italian Tolomeo Wall Lamp, and looks perfectly at home in this Scandinavian-inspired kitchen.

In the Bedroom

Bright Idea: Industrial Wall Sconces

Image: Cush Design Studio

I’ll admit to this example being a bit of a cheat. It’s clearly a pendant light that has been harnessed into duty very cleverly as a sconce, by virtue of the metal arm attaching it to the wall, in this utilitarian bedroom and adjacent workspace. The mixture of rustic and industrial elements in this space creates a terrifically appealing look, and the lighting is an important component of that. Note that there’s also an industrial work lamp next to the computer.

In the Bathroom

Image: Hermit Homewares

Even the most basic of options, the standard industrial cage light, looks great used as an over-sink wall sconce in this contemporary bathroom. This is one more bright idea for you to incorporate into your own interior design—in any room of the house.

Where do you have industrial sconces at home?

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