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Many years ago I visited a friend in her newly remodeled home, here in Austin. As an avid—but amateur—fan of the culinary arts, she paid extra attention to the kitchen. I recall being first surprised, then envious, of the glass-front commercial refrigerator she had installed. She had even used a grease pencil to create her latest shopping list right on the glass door. Ever since that day, I have paid special attention to kitchens that feature commercial appliances, and apparently, so have the many kitchen appliance manufacturers out there. If this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show is any indication, there were a number of commercial kitchen features that are now being marketed directly to residential consumers. Let’s look at a few of them.

Commercial Kitchen Features Come Home on the Interior CollectiveImage: Thermador

Indoor Grill

Thermador, the brand for culinary enthusiasts and who shared a booth with Caesarstone (you can see the gorgeous Caesarstone Concetto used as a backsplash above), introduced a new indoor grill range option. A big change from their well-known grill/griddle option, this is the closest thing you can get to an outdoor grilling experience in the comfort of your own kitchen. We’re talking lava rocks as part of the grilling experience, so you know this is professional-grade.

Commercial Kitchen Features Come Home on the Interior CollectiveImage: The English Room

Wine Station

Dacor, another luxury kitchen appliance brand, wowed many of their visitors by showing off their residential wine dispenser. Holding up to four bottles of wine in up to two different temperature zones, this is the perfect appliance for those home tastings you’ve always wanted to host.

Commercial Kitchen Features Come Home on the Interior CollectiveImage: True

Beer Taps

When I saw the latest and greatest beer taps featured by True, I was blown away. Their newest line includes a 15-inch, under counter model that converts to a small fridge by adding glass shelves when you don’t have a pony keg of your favorite brew installed. With a tower that is also cooled so your beer stays at optimum temperature throughout the pour, it may be the ultimate in commercial kitchen options that are available for home use.

Would you use commercial grade kitchen appliances in your home?

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