Free Your Sink: In Praise of the Freestanding Bathroom Sink

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Image: Frederikke Heiberg for Bolig Magazine

There are some tried and true conventions of (mostly American) residential design and building that I sometimes wonder about. One of those is the real need for two sinks in a master bathroom—but I’m not at all certain I’m ready to take on all of the comments should I start that conversation. So I’ll go with taking a swipe at another tradition: the built-in sink. Does every bathroom really need a vanity in which to house the sink? I think not, and these examples show why.

Space Saver

Why fill up a small bath with a big vanity just so there’s a place for the sink? It’s not needed—and, if you’re prone to want the storage a vanity might provide, just add a handy shelf system and you’re all set.

Non-Compete Agreement

Free Your Sink: In Praise of the Freestanding Bathroom Sink

Design & Image: Neometro

This wall-mounted beauty comes with a handy side shelf and is perfect for a bathroom like this one where the focus is—and should be—on the tile wall. Simple and sublime.

Style Setter

Free Your Sink: In Praise of the Freestanding Bathroom Sink

Design & Image: John Lum Architecture

Which came first in this terrific industrial design, the freestanding sink or the rough décor? While in reality it doesn’t matter, I simply can’t imagine this sink if it were placed into a vanity. To me, that would ruin its unusual appeal.

A Touch of Class

Free Your Sink: In Praise of the Freestanding Bathroom Sink

Design: Dinelljohansson, Image: Oscar Properties

While it can be argued this example is not a freestanding sink, since it does have legs, the whole package—legs and rail included—goes a long way toward setting the style and tone of the space. It’s another great example of a freestanding sink that shines by standing alone, without a vanity.

Are you a fan of the freestanding sink?

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  1. I love freestanding bathroom sink, however the only issue for me is practicality. No storage unit at the bottom, none above. Great style but how about the daily use?
    Thanks for the pictures, they’re really inspiring. Another design I like:

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