How to Achieve the Dark Wall Look

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Dark walls are totally in right now, and I am one of the trend’s biggest fans. It’s moody – almost Dutch Baroque – in the still-life quality it evokes. There are so many ways to achieve this moody effect, but be careful: painting your walls dark can turn Halloweeny if not done in the right way. And some of you might be saying, “what about light? It’s too dark and I love sunlight!” Me too! After living in a Northern country for a period of time, I certainly cherish my sunlight. Dark walls can actually help attract the light if done in the right way. You might also think, “but I want my space to appear larger.” Totally. Let’s learn how dark walls can actually add to your space, not detract.

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  1. Dark walls in your home office. Oftentimes, I like using all white in office or studio spaces so that it acts as a blank canvas. However, dark walls do the same thing! In fact, it defines the space a bit more by helping to establish boundaries in the space. Here the space is lightened up with warm wood flooring, a desk, and beautiful shades; these accessories act as objects to stage the scene behind the dark walls.
  2. Dark walls in a kid’s room. The thing about kid’s rooms is that their toys are out of this world bright. Once again, the dark wall can act as a blank canvas against the palette of the accessories throughout the room. The light from the window reflects onto the dark walls and warms it right on up.
  3. Dark walls in your living area. Yet again, the walls are dark and the ceiling is white. The hanging chandelier acts as a focal point in the room because it’s so highly contrasted against the walls. The room is warmed up with red tones from the accessories, like the cognac leather sofa, warm wood flooring, and lighting fixtures.
  4. Dark walls in your bedroom. Out of all the areas of the house, I love a light bedroom. It feels refreshing to sleep in. The same feeling is achieved here, even with dark walls, because of the contrast between the dark, and the whites of the linens. This contrast is felt even more with the white mantle and ceiling.
  5. Dark walls in the bedroom. This bedroom relies on the colors of the accessories to invigorate the space. It is then contrasted against a large patch of white on the floor with the rug. The key to dark colored spaces is to contrast whites with darks, and this is the perfect example.
  6. Dark walls in the living space. Another way to liven up dark walls is to use shiny objects as a contrast. The gold of the frames and sofa just POP against the moody background. It’s elegant and sophisticated.

So! What do you think? Time for some dark walls?

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