What Does Your Bookcase Say About You?

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Cicero is known to have said, “a room without books is like a body without a soul”. Indeed, some of the most revered figures in history are known to have large libraries and studies. Though modern times have all but obliterated the printed page due to online access, there is something so true and beautiful about a book collection, whether they be for aesthetics, reference, or every day enjoyment. Book collections these days can be found in many different environments in the home. Perhaps they are stashed away out of sight, or are given the royal treatment for all to see. How you display your books can often reflect who you are. Let’s take a look at what they might say about you.

Bookcases in books and crannies

The placement of books can often be a result in lack of space. This archway of books proves this book lover is committed to growing his/her collection regardless of the size of the real estate. But good luck getting that top one out! Also, a quick tip, the color green is known to preserve books, so consider the color when choosing a shelf. A cozy nook of books is for the book lover who prefers cuddling on a comfortable settee with a cup of tea and not just on a rainy day.

Bookcase Nook
Images: (Left) Bohemian Homes; (Right) Beautiful Portals

Bookcases in armoires

The romantic will find a brilliant solution to book storage within a lovely armoire. Make sure that everyone can see the book titles by knocking out the cupboard doors and letting them go bare.

Armoirs As Bookcases
Images: (Left) Pinterest; (Right) Deco Love

Bookcases in creative solutions

The minimalist finds solace in empty spaces so finding creative ways to store books is important. Left, rather than display the books in a public space, this person chose the bedroom, possibly to keep it more private. Right, the staircase is the perfect solution to storing books as most books fit within the height of a single stair. This solution is best for someone without a lot of space or someone who wants a book on the run!

Bookcase Staircase
Images: (Left) Apartment Therapy; (Right) Dezeen

Decorative bookcases

Books can also be for art’s sake or good conversation pieces. When adorned with paintings, they act as a colorful canvas for the rest of wall of books and create a pretty, thoughtful environment.

Green Bookcase
Images: (Left) Habitually Chic; (Right) House Beautfiul

Do you have a special place where you display your books?

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