3 Color Palettes to Consider Right Now

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The changing of the seasons means a change not only in temperature, but in color palettes as well. This is clearly apparent in fashion and a bit more subtle in home décor. This time of year is appropriate to reconsider your living environment and well-being because you will be spending more and more time inside. More time inside = more time around your stuff = you might as well love what you have, right? I’m noticing some beautiful color trends in fashion, art, and home décor that will make you want to add in a new punch here and there. Let’s take a look.

1. Emerald and Red

Red and Green Nook and Outfit
Images: (Left) MSN, (Right) Miss Moss

You might be aware that emerald is Pantone’s color of the year. I love it on it’s own, but it will have longer longevity by pairing it with its complementary red as seen in this outfit and reading nook. The red warms up the space while the green freshens it up.

2. Tomato Red, Mint, Buttercream, and Pink

Modern Painted Wall
Images: (Left) Design Love Fest, (Right) Present & Correct

This might be one of my favorite color combinations at the moment. You might have noticed how mint has been in for a while now. A way to keep it fresh is pairing it with the right colors like this tomato red, salmon pink, and buttercream yellow. The interior pictured on the left cleverly weaves in color by playing with the geometric architecture of the space. This use of color takes advantage of the beautiful combination without going overboard. The piece of Japanese art on the right is a beautiful representation of the color palette as well.

3. Shades of Purples and Gold

Purple Gold and Blue Room and Dress
Images: (Left) Undercorate, (Right) Anthropologie

The interior shot in the top image is so clever in its use of bringing in multiple shades with obvious painterly strokes and dribbles of paint. I’d LOVE to try this technique, especially if I couldn’t decide on a color to choose. Why not choose them all? Add a complementary color, in this case gold, and you’ve got a very beautiful palette to work with. The same technique can be applied with fashion as seen with this dress from Anthropologie.

SO, how are you livening up your color palettes for the fall? What are your favorite color combos out right now? Do tell!

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