Ways to Update Your Home for Spring

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Are you a fan of spring décor but don’t want to spend a lot of time and money decorating and freshening up your space for spring?  Well, I am exactly the same.  I love to freshen things up, but I really don’t want to decorate in such a specific way that I can only use it for a short period of time.  So, I want to talk about a few ways you can bring spring into your home easily that will last.

I think it is important to decorate in a way that will last.  I tend to shy away from specific items that dictate the season you are in.  For spring, that would include eggs and bunnies, and even possibly floral covered pillows etc.

Now, I am not saying that I am not a fan of them, I just use them sparingly so that when spring moves into summer, I don’t have to eliminate a lot of décor.

Here are some elements I find perfect to incorporate in the springtime.


I am actually a fan of simple, neutral spaces, but in the spring, I love adding a few pops of color.  The colors I lean toward the most would have to be green and blue.  I recently updated my entryway for spring, and focused on adding some green accents, that read fresh and spring like, but weren’t an obvious nod to the season.

I added touches of green with a pillow and a custom piece of artwork by me!  I also included one in my living room.

There is no reason why you could not carry these colors into summer and fall.  They are consistently great colors to decorate with.


Using greenery in your spring décor can freshen up your space without giving it away that it is spring.  As you can tell, I am not a fan of having spring throw up in my home.  I think carefully selecting items that can create a fresh space without overloading it is important.

Adding greenery is an excellent way to add spring without overloading it.  I love to use boxwood wreaths, faux potted plants, and occasionally I will use faux flowers, but that is a rare occasion.

Paint Your Front Door

Now hear me out, I often find that after a long winter, the best way to freshen up your home is to give your front door a quick coat of paint.  This can be a very quick and inexpensive project.

To my husband’s dismay, he often comes home to a new door color. Its just the way I am.  Let this season give you the motivation to paint that door and create a beautiful first impression in your home.

Pillow Covers

I find pillow covers to be a really great way to add some spring décor without breaking the bank.  You can find so many great options online these days.  You can even make your own out of your favorite fabric, or even use a drop cloth!  Drop cloths are my favorite fabric to use for curtains and pillow covers.

I found this adorable dog pillow at Tj Maxx and the colors were perfect for my spring inspired space.  And it’s a bit whimsical , which I am a fan of as well.

As you can see, there are some very easy ways to add spring to your home without going overboard and breaking the bank.  I think that these elements that I have added will blend seamlessly into summer, and I may only want to add a few different décor pieces then.  But, these ideas are timeless and will last.

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