Pastels for Your Home and Closet

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Top Image: Amanda Smith Corston, Bottom Image: Brikmoda

If you asked me how I felt about pastels five years ago, I would have shuddered at the thought. But now, my outlook is the complete opposite—I can’t get enough of them! So, what inspired the change? The modern ways they are being used! The pastels we knew growing up – ‘80s floral and wicker furniture – were stale and passé. Now, they are used in subtle ways that bring a refreshing and updated feel to the look. The spring trend is on point for both fashion and the home. Let’s see how they can be used successfully.

Add Some Pleats

Pastels for Your Home and Closet

Left Image: Buiten de Lijntjes, Right Image: All for Fashion Design

Above, the pastel vases and plates on the left have been created to look like geometric pleats. In a refreshing color palette of pale blues and pinks, they are muted enough to let the flowers shine. The coordinating outfit on the right features a pleated, blush-pink skirt and a soft blue blouse. It’s topped with a leather clutch, which helps give the ensemble an earthier feel.

Use a Variety of Colors

Pastels for Your Home and Closet

Left Image: The House that Lars Built, Right Image: Love This Pic

A pastel tabletop setting, like the one pictured on the left, is perfect for a spring gathering. It features a range of table elements like plates, cups, and candle votives in soft springy shades. In fashion, pink hair is in! Complement your colored hair with coordinating pastel colors.

Mix it Up

Pastels for Your Home and Closet

Left Image: Lara Jade Photography, Right Image: IDA Interior LifeStyle

Try mixing up your pastel clothing, with numerous shades and patterns. For the home, try shades of pinks, greens, and blues to bring your pastel décor to life.

Complement with Dark Tones

Pastels for Your Home and Closet

Left Image: Elle, Right Image: The Tao of Dana

One of my favorite ways to use pastels is to complement them with other colors like blacks and mustards, like the living room above. This space feels less Easter Bunny and more livable. The model on the left incorporates these same elements with a touch of black in the shoes, adding a bit of maturity to the look.

Are you digging this season’s pastels?

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