Find a Match: How to Pair Artwork with Art Frames

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Just like frames for your eyes, pairing art frames to a piece of artwork can be quite tricky. The right pair of glasses can enhance your look the same way the right frame can add the right artistic elements to complete a work of art.

Artwork with Art Frames

Image Source: Delight By Design

There are a lot of factors involved in selecting the right frame. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Where is the artwork being placed? If you have a lovely piece of art that you really want to highlight in your home, you’ll want to place it in a highly visible location and use the right frame to draw attention to it. This affect could be achieved in some cases with a memorable or substantial frame size.
  2. What is my budget? Doesn’t it always come down to this? Sadly, framing can be expensive and oftentimes more than the piece of art it holds. Of course, there’s Ikea to solve your simple framing needs, but consider finding vintage frames that you can restore. If you go to the right place, they can be cheap and soulful.
  3. What colors are being used? An easy conclusion to draw when making the choice is to match the colors of the artwork to the frame. Sometimes this can hit the spot and other times its nice to use a contrasting color to really bring out the colors of the piece and emphasize the frame as another artistic expression.
  4. What is the style? Style is perhaps one of the most important factors of frame selection. A minimal piece of art can either be left frame-less, or placed in an equally simple frame to compliment the piece. Unless you’re trying to make a conscious statement with a mismatched piece of art and frame, a general rule is to keep the styles cohesive.

Featured Image Sources: (Upper Right) Delight By Design, (Upper Left) Pinterest, (Lower Right) Pinterest, (Lower Left) Apartment Therapy.

Do you have any tips on selecting the right frame for your artwork?

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