Modern Standout Stairway Designs

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Image: Michael Wee on Desire to Inspire

As I’ve mentioned before, I started my blog as a sort of scrapbook of ideas for improvements to my own home and ideas for my future someday new home. While my current abode does include a staircase, it’s a steel spiral stairway leading from the back patio to the roof deck—and not really a candidate for updating or changing. So these amazing examples of staircases are currently filed away for a potential new design that may or may not ever happen…

The marvelous repetition of squares and rectangles in this freestanding stair design is aesthetically pleasing. Normally, the lack of any railing would be a concern for me, but it’s a fairly low rise from the floor to the first landing so I don’t mind it much. The adjacent square fire pit is a fantastic touch.


Wireframe Floating Staircase
Image: Scott Frances/OTTO on The Cool Hunter

For the feeling of a floating stair in a delicately enclosed space, this design with the suspension wires running up the outside is a gem. It is very sophisticated and in keeping with the quality of the rest of its surroundings. Is that wall stone or do you think it’s a shiny paper? Either way the simplicity is quite attractive.


Stainless Steel Staircase

I doubt I’ve ever seen a more glamorous underside of a staircase than this steel showpiece. A change of materials was all that was needed to create something truly remarkable and elevate the mundane to something new.


Floating Wooden Staircase
Image: Musings Et Cetera

These cantilevered wooden treads make for the the most minimal of stairways. This time, while I appreciate the clean look, the lack of any railing would keep me from going up and down these too often.


Concrete and Wooden Staircase
Image: Marcelo Curia on

Combining a concrete shelf, a few concrete treads, and a sculptural wooden staircase. is a real creative stroke of genius. This staircase seems to be as much of a work of art as it is a functional aspect of this design.

Do you have a stunning staircase in your home?

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