DIY Fire Pit

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This past summer, we added a fire pit to our backyard and have loved spending time roasting marshmallows with our kids (see the full reveal here)! 

Here is how you can get the look:


  • Wheelbarrow
  • Spade Shovel (with a flat side)
  • Concrete Saw
  • String Line
  • Level
  • Rake
  • Measuring Tape
  • Spray Paint



  • Wall Stones
  • Patio Stones
  • Gravel
  • Masonry Glue
  • Steel Liner (we had one custom made, but here is one similar)



Mark out where you would like the fire pit and patio. If you have pre-ordered a fire pit liner, make sure you work off of those dimensions. The outline will need to hold the liner and stone wall.


Dig down 12” where the fire pit will sit. Make sure the opening is large enough for the fire pit walls to fit inside.


Pour gravel into the base of the opening. Level and compact it to make a base for the fireplace wall.


Next, you will start to build the wall of the fire pit. Cut each end on a 45° angle and dry fit each level. Once you’ve completed a level, remove the stones and put glue along the top of the stones below. Then place the next level stones in their place on top.


Once the fire pit wall is complete, the hole can be backfilled on the outside to get rid of any spacing and make it a tight fit.


Now you can start laying out your patio stones. We had a mix of sizes, but tried to keep the spacing similar between each stone. 


Once you are happy with the overall layout, you can dig below each stone to make it level with the ground around.  We used a spade to get a really straight line.


Now that everything is in place, you can insert the fire pit liner and add in some more gravel to hold it in place.

And finally, it's ready to enjoy!

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